A nicer 'tidyverse' reformat command

In RStudio the shortcut cmd-shift-a exists to add spaces before and after operators (e.g. +, =, -, %>%,...).
I wonder whether it would be possible to reformat the tidyverse code working with the pipe (as well as the + for ggplot2), such that one not only adds spaces but also new lines where commonly added (e.g after %>%)

Such that:
rec_prep <- rec %>% step_range(all_outcomes(), max = 10) %>% prep()
turns into

rec_prep <- rec %>% 
    step_range(all_outcomes(), max = 10) %>%

My thoughts on how it could work:
Remark: whenever I say should this is of course just how I do it. sometimes more widely shared sometimes not. the proper formatting guidelines i guess would need to be worked out (in case they haven't already...)

I guess one needs to distinguish between context of operators as a + in ggplot2 (ggplot() + geom_point()) is different to a + in a simple addition of vectors (c(1,2, 3) + c(1,2,3)).

Maybe classes of operators are a way to distinguish. Logical operations (a >= 3 or "a" %in% c("a", "b")) should remain on the same line, whereas piping should be followed by a line break.

Lastly, commas as in mutate(a = fun(...), b = fun(...) should be broken into

mutate(a = fun(...),
                b = fun(...)) # %>%

I figure, such a formatting command would make a great addition to RStudio and all it's handy commands.

you can use styler for this today, with its defaults.

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Thank you!

Thank you so much.

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