A Not So Short Introduction to rtables - Table Contest Submission

A Not So Short Introduction to rtables

Authors: Gabriel Becker, Adrian Waddell
Affiliations: Roche

Abstract: rtables is an R package developed by Gabriel Becker & Adrian Waddell that is sponsored by the Roche Group and is available open source at github.com/Roche/rtables. The rtables R package provides a framework to create, tabulate and output tables in R. Most of the design requirements for rtables have their origin in studying tables that are commonly used to report analyses from clinical trials; however, we were careful to keep rtables a general purpose toolkit. This submission is a html file created with Rmarkdown that includes modified version of the two vignettes introduction and clinical_trials from the rtables package. These vignettes are supposed to give a good overview of the capability of rtables.

Full Description:

Table Type: static-print
Submission Type: Tutorial
Table: https://waddella.github.io/RStudioTableContest2020/A_Not_So_Short_Introduction_to_rtables.html
Repo: https://github.com/waddella/RStudioTableContest2020
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Other packages: rtables

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