a question about how to make a graph that information comes from two packages

Dear Sir and Madam,

I am a beginner. I want to ask how to add another boundary into the second graph about ACF and PACF for 2 years data, the result should look like the last graph. Another boundary is something I circled in the first graph.

I imported the data into R. Then, I used the the functions of Acf() and PAcf() of the forecast package (library(forecast)) to get the second graph.

Then I used the function of ac.test() of the testcorr package(library(testcorr)) to get the values of the table.
ac.test(x,max.lag=10,alpha=0.05,lambda=2.576,plot=TRUE,table=TRUE, var.name=NULL,scale.font=2)

By the way, I got the last graph by running testcorr package in EViews11. But it did not give the result of PACF.

I want to make ACF and PACF functions with two boundaries (both standard CB and robust CB) in R.

Is there anyone who can advise me? I will be grateful.

Kind Regards,


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