a question about Tensorflow and Keras in R

I want to improve myself in the area of image processing. Tensorflow and Keras are main projects in this area, you know. However, instead of going through directly Keras or Tensorflow, i consider that continuing to learn these techniques in R (R interface for Tensorflow and Keras) is better for me thanks to my R know-how. Are R packages proper to do this? What are the advantages/disadvantages to follow this way? Could you possible mentor me how/where should i start with?

thanks a lot

It's not clear from your question whether you already know about the R implementations of both keras and tensorflow.


These packages are available from CRAN.

A good place to start is the learn tab on that page: https://tensorflow.rstudio.com/learn/resources.html

I dont know keras and tensorflow in R. I have knowledge and practices about ML techniques, data manipulation, visualization in R.

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