A Reactable-based Calendar - Table Contest Submission

A Reactable-based Calendar

Authors: Matt Kumar
Affiliations: Bayer

Abstract: A retro video game themed calendar made with the reactable package.

Full Description: This reactable highlights the use of:

  • Conditional formatting to draw borders around cells.

  • Customized Java Script that triggers a shiny modal

    • Click on Dec 11, 20, and 31st in the app
  • Customized CSS styling (automatic).

  • Embedding images via HTML escapable content.

  • Customized Footnotes.

The general approach to creating the table is to specify a calendar template in the form of a .csv. Once read in, I manipulate dates of interest by using dplyr to mutate raw html code into cells. Finally, setting html = TRUE in reactable allows this content to be rendered.

References: This project uses assets (e.g. images, gifs) I did not create and that I do not own. I have included a references file in the repo that tracks exactly which content I used and it's originating source. For demonstration purposes only.

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: https://matt-kumar.shinyapps.io/react_calendar/ or Screen Capture in GIF
Repo: https://github.com/mattkumar/react_calendar
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DT package used:
gt package used:
reactable package used: true
flextable package used:
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kableExtra package used:
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