A standardized RStudio installation for my team

I am trying to get more of my teammates to use RStudio, and what would greatly expedite this effort is if I could allow them to download R, RStudio, a set of database drivers and a config file of database parameters in one shot. Are there better ways to do this than a list of hyperlinks and screenshots? Is there a way to do this on one step using docker?

Another option to consider is using "infrastructure as code", I like to use Ansible.

In short you could send an Ansible playbook and everybody who runs it, would get the same setup.

Or even better, if you can ssh into their machines, you could run the playbook for them all at once and they will have to do nothing at all.

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Centralizing management of config, database drivers, and R is also a reason a lot of folks use RStudio Server. You can just configure it once and then it works for everyone!

I agree with the previous comment but I just wanted to point out a caveat. I assume that since you are not using RStudio Server already is because you don't have the support of your IT department or maybe you don't have one, and while it's perfectly possible for you to manage a simple setup on your own, be aware that you have to be willing to become the system administrator for your team, because you don't want to let anybody to be able to modify the server configuration on their own, they could easily brake things for everybody.

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