Abnormal termination of R session on Rstudio server with DECIPHER alignment

I am running an alignment with the DECIPHER package in bioconductor using an Rstudio instance located on a server. For some reason, every time the alignment reaches 99% the r session crashes:

I have run the program repeatedly varying inputs and other factors and it always crashes in the exact same place:

Generally in the past when I've had session crashes the issue has been memory, but these are small viral genomes, which shouldn't be an issue. I also pulled all the code off the server to run in Rstudio on my personal computer, which has less RAM and CPUs, and the code ran no problem on the exact same inputs. Any ideas as to what the issue could be?

What version of R are you running locally and on the server? Your screenshot shows 3.6.3 for one them

The server is running R 3.6.3 and my computer is running R 4.0.2.

That could easily explain difference across the two systems.
Recommend you align one way or the other, firstly both the R versions , and secondly the package versions used.
If you cant upgrade the server, than give your self a downgrade locally.
Rstudio can accommodate multiple versions of R that you can switch between.

I will try updating the server edition and see if I get the same error. Thanks!

I updated the R version on the server to match the one on my computer, but unfortunately this did not resolve the issue.

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