About Birds of a Feather (BoF)

Birds of a Feather – BoF – are short meet-ups within RStudio conference

One of the best parts of any conference is the people you meet, but conferences are big with a diverse set of people attending. BoF groups are opportunities to maximize the chances of connecting with people working on the issues and with the tools you're most interested in.

Topics may be narrow or broad. Some may have agendas and others may be purely for networking. Groups may be organized or left un-organized (mostly) by participants. Given space and time limitations, some groups may meet during lunch, during breaks between sessions, or in evenings.

Schedule & Location Notes

This year we are support many types of BoF meet-ups. These include,


R-Ladies promotes diversity in the rstats community via meetups, mentorship & global collaboration. We have two R-ladies events planned.


Wednesday, January 29th

BoF Schedule
R-Ladies Breakfast Wednesday Breakfast R-Ladies promotes diversity in the rstats community via meetups, mentorship & global collaboration.
Hosted by RStudio & R-Ladies Global
Morning Break
AfricaR Wednesday 11:00-11:30AM Break Hosted by Dennis Irorere
NLP Wednesday 11:00-11:30AM Break Natural Language Processing, textual analysis.
Hosted by Julia Silge of RStudio
Package Developers Wednesday Lunch Hosted by Jim Hester
Data Science Team Leaders Wednesday Lunch For team leaders of Data Science Organizations
Hosted by RStudio Solutions Engineering
Data Art Wednesday Lunch All things art, data visualizations as art, generative art
Hosted by @dcossyleon @thomasp85, Allison Horst
Lunch Industry Lighting Talks
Finance Wednesday Lunch Hosted by Jonathan Regenstein (@jkr216) and Nick Rohrbaugh (@nrohr)
Sponsored by Equifax
Life Sciences / Pharma Wednesday, Lunch Bioinformatics, biostatistics, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, genetics & genomics, fda regulated process validation, clinical research
Hosted by Phil Bowsher (@PhilBowsher) and Jason Milnes (@jasonmilnes)
Sponsored by Genentech/Roche
Afternoon Break
Ursa Labs / Arrow Wednesday 3:45PM RStudio Community Booth - Yosemite Room
Hosted by @wesm, Neal Richardson, and the Ursa Labs team
Soft Drink Happy Hour
Communities Wednesday 5:30-7:00PM Location: Community Booth, Yosemite
R-User Groups, Communities, Tidy Tuesdays
Hosted by @tom_rstudio, @EconomiCurtis, @rachael
Education Wednesday 5:30-7:00PM Location: Franciscan A
Education, teaching and learning r/data science, teaching rstudio, EdTech, research on education
Hosted by Carl Howe and the RStudio Education team.
Acacemic Research Wednesday 5:30-7:00PM Location: Franciscan B
Reproducible research, academic, research
Hosted by Alison Hill (@apreshill) and the RStudio Education Team
Machine Learning Wednesday 5:30-7:00PM Location: Franciscan C
Machine learning, tensorflow, deep learning, keras,
Hosted by @heatherklus, @skyetetra.
Shiny Wednesday 5:30-7:00PM Location: Franciscan D
Hosted by Winston Chang, Joe Cheng, and Eric Nantz

Thursday, January 30

BoF Schedule
R in Latin America / Spanish Thursday Breakfast Hosted by Edgar Ruiz (@edgararuiz)
Sponsored by ixpantia
Healthcare Thursday Breakfast Healthcare, epidemiology, public health, epidemiology/public health, global health
Hosted by @Hadrien & @PhilBowsher
UC Davis Alum Thursday Breakfast Location: Golden Gate dining hall, details
Morning Break
Environment Thursday 10:00-10:30AM Break Environmental, ecology, wildlife
Hosted by @jcblum
Sports Analytics Thursday 10:00-10:30AM Break Description
Hosted by @tom_rstudio and Nicole Monait
Retail / CPG Thursday 10:00-10:30AM Break Retail and Consumer Products Group
Hosted by Elena Ruiz (@elenaeruiz)
Manufacturing Thursday 10:00-10:30AM Break Hosted by @Katie
Transportation Thursday 10:00-10:30AM Break Unhosted
R Admin / DevOps / R in Production Thursday Lunch R-Administrators, API development, Productionalizing Data Analytics, dev-ops
Hosted by RStudio Solutions Engineering Team
Spatial / Mapping Thursday Lunch Hosted by Zev Ross
Social Scientists Thursday Lunch Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Anthropology
Lunch Industry Lighting Talks
Business Operations Thursday Lunch Business intelligence, business operations / analysts, marketing/digital analytics, marketing
Hosted by Tom Mock (@tom_rstudio) and Nicole Monait
Sponsored by ProCogia
Insurance Thursday Lunch Hosted by Kevin Kuo (@kevinykuo) & Hadrien Dykiel (@Hadrien)
Sponsored by Teradata
Afternoon Break
Media / Journalism Thursday 3:30-4:00PM Break Data Journalism, media
Hosted by TBD
Spark Thursday 3:30-4:00PM Break Work with spark
Hosted by Javier Luraschi
Energy Thursday 3:30-4:00PM Break Hosted by Katie Masiello
Public Sector / Government Thursday 3:30-4:00PM Break Government, public sector, criminal justice, courts.
Hosted by Josiah Parry (@josiah)
R-Ladies Meetup Thursday 5PM Just after the final keynote and panel, RStudio, R-Ladies Global and R-Ladies San Francisco are hosting a meet-up at rstudio::conf.