About offline state in RStudio: which url to see the offline page?




I am using rstudio server pro that has a feature to put the server offline for maintenance.
My server url is like this!: https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com and I work with a cluster.

When I do rstudio-server offline, I should get a page like this whe trying to connect:

My problem is that I do not get this page for all url endpoints. For some I get

I tried:
https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com/ => 502 bad Gateway
https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com/health-check => Offline page
https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com/auth-sign-in => Offline page
https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com/admin => 502 bad gateway
https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com/home=> 502 bad gateway

All the users connect to https://rstudio-server.mycompany.com/ . I would have expected to get the offline page on this url too.

Is this intended ? Is there something I did not do correctly in my server conf for nginx to work ?



Sorry for the late reply! Can you share a bit more about your server config? I would have expected the Offline page to be served for most things, as well. Is the server behind a proxy or other type of external routing (dynamic DNS, etc.)?


I would too.

What do you want to know ?

No we don't have that. The 502 error we have from NGINX is from the supposely included nginx in RStudio server.
Note that a random endpoint gives the offline page.


What version of RStudio Server Pro? Just a single node, I presume? Configured to use port 443 / SSL, based on your URLs? I presume you are not using a self-signed cert?

Trying to get the details necessary to try to reproduce.


I did some test recently on my staging environment. So 1 server single node, RStudio version 1.1.453.
we also have this config

# HTTP conf
www-port = 443
www-address =

with a self-signed certificate.

I had the same issue on our prod cluster.


Very interesting! I reproduced this on 1.1.383 and then tested on the Preview release (1.2.747-3). The preview release looks to have a fix, although /home looks like it does not route the images and CSS properly.

All of the other problem pages /, /admin look to route properly! So good job finding a bug! One that was fixed, and one that is still outstanding. I'll file it under the pro product.


Thanks for helping confirming the issue!


Just following up on this - the issue has been resolved and should be available in a coming release! Thanks for the report!