Access in-memory R object created in other session

I've asked a similar question here and received a much appreciated but ultimately discouraging answer, so I thought I'd rephrase a bit in the hope of getting help.

The situation: I have an application which reads a large quantity of data at high frequency
over a network connection, which it gathers into batches in memory, and then writes
to a MySQL db. The app is often up and running, gathering away, and it is
therefore initiated on a schedule via an Rscript run from the shell.

The problem: I'd like to see the most recent batches of data without doing an expensive read
from the database and/or hitting the disk.
After all, the data are somewhere in memory, and -for reasons of speed- I'd ideally be able
to, for example:

  • read that data into some shiny dashboard on an ad hoc basis, or
  • fire up a fresh Rstudio session and read the current memory batch into a fresh R object for some ad hoc analysis

Two ideas that's I've sort of played around with, unsuccesfully so far:

1- have the app create a fresh environment when it is first run and save the name of this env
at someplace on disk, which could be used as a sort of address for a new Rstudio/ shiny/ etc session

2- have some in-memory db to which the database batches are written and from which other local apps could read, eg:

con <- DBI::dbConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), ":memory:")
DBI::dbWriteTable(con, "batch_table", my_data_batch)

But, as I say, I can't get either of these approaches to work.

I'm open to suggestions and/ or criticism ("your whole idea is bad and here's why").
Thanks in advance.

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