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I have been using Cloud for my R Programming course this summer and it has worked out very well. The team has been great. On Wednesday though, there appeared to be a hiccup with my the space for my class. The screenshot included is what a number of students saw. The workaround was to select the Space, and then clicked "Projects" (refreshing it multiple times) until everything appeared.

While this has not happened prior, any ideas as to what may have caused this? Because it was a lecture, absolutely not the end of the world. I know that this is still alpha, but at the very least, I wanted to let you know in case it helps on your end.


Sorry you're running into issues that is a bit unusual. Are you able to provide any additional information about the issue.

Which space had this issue - and which users were trying to access it?

Were these people accessing the space for the first time - and following a join link? Or is this something they have had access to in the past.

If there's an unauthorized message that usually means that one of the AJAX request resulted in a 403. So if possible getting the URL that resulted in the 403 from the network tab would be very helpful for debugging.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


Thanks Sean. To answer the first bits; no they have had access to this space in the past, and it's a one-time URL. We have been using the space (BA760) in my account.

If it happens again, I will absolutely have the class copy the URL for you.

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Hi Brock,

We identified an issue related to joining a "Shared Space" through the join link when contributors are not allowed to view the space member list. The space that you mentioned appears to be setup in that way - so I'm pretty sure that is the cause of the issue.

The issue was introduced in a recent code deployment and we have rolled the change back which should resolve the issue.

Thank you very much for reporting this,


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