Access to projects after exam

I'm giving a couple of final exam using RStudio Cloud this week. I am creating projects related to the exams, which I will release to the students at the start of the exam. Is there any way to make the students' projects not available to them once the exam is finished (e.g. change the access level so that I am the only one who can see them as the administrator)? I would like to ensure the security of the exam so that it is not available to future students or students who might be sick and miss the exam at the scheduled time.

I see a "Delete" option next to the students' projects. Does that actually delete the project entirely, or does it move the project to the student's own workspace?

Hi Laura,

There's no automatic way to prevent students from accessing the projects after the exam period has ended. If the projects are in a space you could remove the students from the space, and keep their projects in the space. This will prevent them from accessing the projects in the space after they have been removed.

The deletion button moves the project to the spaces trash to fully delete the project you would also need to empty the spaces trash.


Hi Sean,
Thanks for your reply. When you say "remove the students from the space, and keep their projects in the space", how do I do that? I know there is a "remove" option under Members, but do I need to do something specific to keep their projects in the space? Or is that the default?



When you click the remove button in the members list a pop up dialog will appear that will give you an option to either keep the user's projects in your space or release the projects back to the user.

The default selection is to keep the projects where they are.


That worked great. Thanks very much!

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