Accessing website data without opening it

Hi All,

How can I access the values of a website in R shiny without opening it.

Like, I have an otp module. Where after clicking on submit button it redirects to a link and an otp is sent.

I want to bypass this, and just after clicking an otp is generated without opening of the website.

How can I do it?

can you please share the chunks of code ?


ui <- fluidPage(
textInput("mobile", "Mobile", value = "", placeholder = "Enter your number"),
actionButton("send", "Preview")

server <- function(input, output, session) {
a<- reactive({


output$try<- renderUI({
rndno <-floor(runif(1, min=1000, max= 9999))
smsmessage<-paste0('Your verification code is ',rndno)
HTML(paste0(tags$a(href= paste0("http://www.username=&password=*******&to=",a(),"&from=***&text=Your verification code is"," ",rndno,"),
"Click here")))



shinyApp(ui, server)

I think it happens HTML tag

Try this


# create your example dataset
df <- data.frame(url = c(paste0("http://www.username=&password=*******&to=",a(),
"&from=***&text=Your verification code is"," ",rndno,")"))

# Concatenate URLs
string <- paste(df$url, collapse=" ")

It's not working.

It should be like, when I enter the mobile number and click send, then it should give me the random number as an OTP without opening the link.

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