Add global group sizes and number of events in forest plots


I use the meta package to create forestplots. I want to add a line below all the studies : "Overall" and in columns Exposed and Unexposed the total number of events and group size for each group : "events/total"

How could I do this ?

meta_hosp$exp <- paste(atypique_hosp$ap_hosp, atypique_hosp$ap_effectif_hosp, sep = "/")
meta_hosp$control.nb <- paste(atypique_hosp$unexp_hosp, atypique_hosp$unexp_effectif_hosp, sep = "/")

forest(meta_hosp, fontsize = 8, text.fixed = "Fixed-effect model",
       text.random = "Random-effect model",
       leftcols = c("studlab", "exp", "control.nb"),
       leftlabs = c("Study", paste("Exposed", "\n", "(events/total)"), paste("Unexposed", "\n", "(events/total)")),
       prediction = TRUE, rightlabs = c("OR", "95%-CI", "Weight (fixed)", "Weight(random)"),
       text.addline1= 'CI : Confidence Interval, OR : Odds Ratio, * : adjusted results',
       header.line = 'below', addrows.below.overall = 1,plotwidth = "7cm", just = "center", print.Q = TRUE)

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