Add multiple cursors at next occurrence?


Hi, was wondering if there is currently a way to add multiple cursors for each next occurrence of a piece of text? Basically the Command+D shortcut in Sublime on Mac.



I'm trying to set this up myself at the moment and not having much luck :frowning: The closest shortcut I can find is "Select or Find Next" (Alt+H) and "Select or Find Previous" (Shift+Alt+H), but they merely move the cursor to the next instance and select it—they don't create an additional cursor. If anyone knows how to replicate Sublime/VSCode-style multiple cursors with selections, I'd be really happy!


We have a command called Quick Add Next for this, but it's not bound to any keyboard shortcut by default. You could rebind it with Tools -> Modify Keyboard Shortcuts..., search for Quick Add Next, then select your preferred keybinding.


Thanks, @kevinushey! That's exactly what I'm looking for :smiley: