Add progress bar when running GWmodel

Hi, I am trying to add a progress bar in order to show me the remaining time for the gwr.basic command. From what I have seen on the internet, they used a progress bar to estimate the time in for loops. So, my questions are two:

  1. Can I use the progress bar to show me the remaining time of a command?

  2. If so, could some1 help me build the progress bar?

The code for the gwr.basic command is shown below:

library(raster) = read.csv(file = "C:/Users/nikos/OneDrive/Desktop/tst/block.data_60.csv")

x =$x)
y =$y)
sint = as.matrix(cbind(x, y))

coordinates( = c("x", "y")

eq1 <- ntl ~ pan

dist = gw.dist(dp.locat = sint, focus = 0, longlat = F)

abw = bw.gwr(eq1, 
       data =, 
       approach = "CV", 
       kernel = "bisquare", 
       adaptive = T, 
       p = 2, 
       longlat = F, 
       dMat = dist,
       parallel.method = "cluster")

ab_gwr = gwr.basic(eq1, 
          data =, 
          bw = abw, 
          kernel = "bisquare", 
          adaptive = T, 
          p = 2,
          longlat = F, 
          dMat = dist,
          F123.test = F,
          cv = F,
          parallel.method = "cluster") this is the chunk of code I would like to see the progress bar

and here are some data:

structure(list(x = c(589950L, 590410L, 590870L, 591330L), y = c(1046270L, 
1046270L, 1046270L, 1046270L), ntl = c(0.241782873868942, 1.35089957714081, 
1.17773711681366, 1.15469062328339), pan = c(0.00410647705618725, 
0.00414160621792964, 0.00422592290805332, 0.00413694752910941
)), row.names = c(NA, 4L), class = "data.frame")

Many thanks

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