Add shortcut for "Insert line below/above"

Is there any way to create shortcuts that aren't yet available via Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts? It would be great if RStudio would support setting keyboards for the same commands as VS Code (say, from this list) in order to harmonize the two. I personally use RStudio for everything R, and VS Code for everything else.

Specifically, one of the shortcuts I miss most is one of the simplest ones: "⌘Enter / ⇧⌘Enter Insert line below/above" in VS Code has the same effect as going to the end of line (⌘ right), perhaps navigating up and then adding a new line via Enter. However, this command does not seem to be implemented in RStudio and I see no way to add it myself.

Am I missing something?

Aside from add-ins that may be available, RStudio supports Vim keybindings that can enter a line above or below your cursor, etc.

Thanks! It seems like RStudio only allows switching to Vim mode entirely though, which is not what I want.

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