Adding dates to X-axis and inputting a vertical line

Hi, I am trying to put vertical lines at specific points on my graphs. I am using ggplot2. I have looked around on the internet and nothing is working.

Climate Change News Indicators (standardized and deseasonalized)
# collect data into dataframes for autoplot
News           = cbind(CHNEG ,Google , WSJ )
NewsG_WSJ      = cbind(Google ,WSJ )
NewsG_CHNEG    = cbind(Google ,CHNEG )
NewsCHNEG_WSJ  = cbind(CHNEG ,WSJ )
NewsAll        = cbind(Google , WSJ ,CHNEG  )

# plot
autoplot(News)  #plot data series in individual panels 
autoplot(News          , facets = FALSE)   #plot together
autoplot(NewsCHNEG_WSJ , facets = FALSE)   #plot together
autoplot(NewsG_WSJ     , facets = FALSE)   #plot together
autoplot(NewsG_CHNEG   , facets = FALSE)   #plot together

Please politely let me know if you require other information in order to help provide a solution.

See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners.

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