Adding new quarto install to path

I am Running Rstudio-server on a linux virtual machine and I installed the preview version of quarto using this link. It is installed at ~/opt/quarto-1.4.287., but my system is not using the new version.

I created the symlink, but wasn't sure what was meant by Ensure that the folder where you created a symlink is in the path. I know how to add a folder to the path, but I am not sure about symlinks.

The generic instructions didn't work on my server. When I run quarto check it shows this:

[✓] Checking Quarto installation......OK
Version: 1.3.353
Path: /usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/quarto/bin

So it is still using the old version. I tried running export QUARTO_VERSION="1.4.287", but that didn't make any difference.

How can I make Rstudio use the new version of quarto in ~/opt folder?

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If no one knows how to fix this path issue, can anyone please estimate when the current pre-release version of quarto (1.4) will go into production so I can start using it?

You need to create the symlink in one of the folder that is already in your PATH for binary. So check you PATH variable, and look for folder where your program are using place. Usually one of the bin directory.

Then create the symlink there and once in PATH, if you restard RStudio it should use this version.

On my personal linux, I put in ~/.local/bin/. Globally it could be put in /usr/local/bin` probably.

Hope it helps

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