Adding thumbnail images to content on RStudio Connect

The RStudio connect API can be used to add new content, tags, bundles, etc. Is there a way to add thumbnails too using API?

Could not find any solution on the RStudio Connect API Reference page here

Howdy @Prathamesh_Mohite ! This is a fantastic question!!

This is possible, just not in the public / documented API, so it is a bit more experimental. The easiest way to do it is to use the connectapi package. Specifically connectapi::set_image_*()

Thanks, I wanted to ask what is 'content' here? Is that the GUID?

set_image_path(content, path)

set_image_url(content, url)

That's a great question! So content here is explained a smidge in the docs:

? set_image_url
set_image_path           package:connectapi            R Documentation

Set the Image from a Path




     set_image_path(content, path)

     set_image_url(content, url)


 content: A content object

The easiest way to create a "content" object is by content_item(client, "my-guid")

If there are things we can clean up in the docs here, issues / PRs / suggestions are most welcome!