Advice on RStudio Server

I am kindly asking for some pointers since googling only confused me, hopefully someone may help me.

I am a lecturer at a public university. For a stats course that I will be teaching (of about 50 students), I am creating a series of RMarkdown tutorials using learnr. I want to deploy these online so that students can access them through a browser, upon authentication.

I am trying to figure out how I can do this via RStudio Server. Keeping the costs as low as possible is important. Of course I googled around, but RStudio's ecosystem is so large that now I am utterly confused. E.g., I need user authentication so that only my students can log in and use the deployed apps. But, I am not entirely sure how this could be achieved were I to install RStudio Server on a local server at my uni (I am currently trying to get one). Is this possible? Also, how to dimension the system so that, potentially, the entire course is using the server simultaneously?

Can someone point me to a useful source or tutorial that is directly relevant to my purposes? Both instructions on setting up the system plus pricing plans would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!