Advice on using the learnr package for class homework assignments

I am looking for advice/suggestions about using the learnr package for class homework assignments. Has anyone done this?

Key question: How do you confirm that students have completed the assignment? I currently use DataCamp, which does this very well.

For those interested, here is my syllabus.

That looks like a beautiful class. I stopped using data camp last year when my TA told me about their #metoo issues. I am also trying to figure out how to integrate learnr into my workflow. I got as far as writing some silly questions with and posting them to the last week. I was planning on using the platform to allow students to self study. I am guessing that RStudioConnect would have a way to monitor the users. Do you have access to it or how were you planning on hosting your content?

I'm also interested in this.

I'm a teaching assistant for an introductory R class now, and I've been transitioning the professor's course notes to interactive learnr tutorials.

We've also been using swirl lessons I've written, with the students submitting a swirl log file via a Google form.

As is, I'm looking at moving from swirl to Datacamp for a variety of reasons, chief among them are the better interface and easier tracking.

However, ultimately, it would be nice to be able to eliminate any dependencies on external platforms.

If I figure out a clean solution I'll let you know.

Hi--count me in as very interested, too. I teach an intro college statistics class and we have 20+ learnr tutorials to teach students the R commands they need. Ours are hosted on an RStudio Connect server, and in general I love the server and the tutorials, but getting data about student completion of exercises or answers for multiple choice questions is a big sticking point. I found the help documentation for that topic way above my level of competence, but an answer I got from this stackoverflow question helped to some extent:

But I still can't figure out how to get the output data into any kind of file on our RStudio Connect server, so if you do figure this out I would love to know! The class is mostly for college freshmen and if the assignment is not graded or tracked there is a very low completion rate. We tried to put the questions into quizzes on our learning management system but it was clunky for students to have to answer questions in two different applications.

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