After update to R Studio 2022.07.0+548 doesn't open anymore on Ubuntu 20.04

Dear community,

After I updated my R version to 4.2.1, I needed an R Studio update as my Graphic Engine 15 wasn't supported by this version anymore : see known issue here [Topic].

So I've uninstalled my original R Studio version via application manager Ubuntu 20.04 and updated to R Studio Version 2022.07.0+548.
However, ever since the updated R Studio is not opening at all!

I checked some suggestions and other posts (no firewall or proxy, deleted older R versions) but don't manage to get it going.

Is this an incompatibility between the two versions?
Which of the two (R or R Studio) should I downgrade in your opinion?
Any other options to try?

Thank you

Ubuntu 20.04 requires the R Studio version for Ubuntu 18+ and not the Version Ubuntu 22.

This issue was solved after I encountered the following error :
rstudio: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It was simply a R Studio version compatibility problem, which is described here : Ubuntu20.04 needs other version of RStudio.

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