Alternative to EFS for use with RStudio Workbench/Server Pro

In the RStudio Workbench documentation it states that:
Note: Due to its high latencies, we strongly discourage the use of EFS (Elastic File System) for home and shared directories within AWS. If EFS is used, RStudio will experience highly degraded performance. We recommend using a traditional NFSv3 or NFSv4 mount instead.

Therefore, what are the alternatives for RStudio Workbench on AWS? What services would you recommend to use on AWS?

Hey @jam_12345 ! Thanks for reaching out here! We have been doing some performance testing on EFS and have some more nuanced findings that will be public here before too much longer!

In any case, I think right now your best bet will be to reach out to your customer success representative and get in touch with them and our Solutions Engineering team! We can talk through the nuances with you, and come back later to share the link to our specific EFS documentation / recommendations once it lands!

I hope that's helpful! We are in a state of flux at the present, and are hopeful to have some more clear recommendations public in the near future! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for the response. Ok that's good to hear. My company are in touch with the Solutions Engineering Team, thanks.

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For those coming back to this thread, EFS will work with RStudio products. Details: Using Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) with RStudio Team - RStudio Documentation

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