Alternative to ggmap::geocode()

Hi all,

I've been using ggmap::geocode() for turning addresses into geocodes but no longer supports this feature and Google now only allows one geocode request for free per day.

Does anyone know of a good free replacement?


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You could try Bing maps or Mapquest Open

Can you call this from R? It is for a shinydashboard map that was created through leaflet and the address is user-generated through a textbox.

Yes. They offer REST APIs and you can call APIs from R. Here is a useful article
You will have to register to get an API key though.

Google now allows unlimited geocode requests per day. I ran about 1000 yesterday. You can also use the census website to geocode. You may want to read my blog entry on geocoding, , I use google but it has some potential gotcha issues.
If you would like my code for accessing the census geocoder, let me know. Someday I plan to clean it up for release.

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