Amazing Service and online experience

Good day,
Today is a first time that I heard about RStudio, read about RStudio, and now installing your product.
The most professional online product/site/service I have ever seen.
Service, customer support the whole online experience is amazing. It's not easy for average "analog Joe" like me to catch up all at once. But here....everything is "at hand reach".
If you are the benchmark for online business, I think only few companies would remain.
I never wrote message like this one, I paused RStudio installation to wrote this.
Honestly, thank you.


Howdy @SCOIC ! Thanks so much for the encouraging words! This kind of encouragement means a ton, and definitely represents our goal :smile:

We know we're far from perfect, so please let us know if you run into any issues or if you have any questions as you dig in. Welcome to the community!

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I totally agree that RStudio and the whole ecosystem of associated packages (shiny, knitr) is the best anywhere.
And it's all thanks to the talent and endless work of JJ Allaire, the CEO of RStudio.
I once submitted a question on GitHub on an early Saturday morning, and JJ Allaire answered it in 15 minutes. I was amazed. The CEO of RStudio answered my question on a Saturday morning within 15 minutes. Thank you JJ!