analyze a text file

Could you help please,
What package and code may I use to analyze a text file and print a piece of specific information?!
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There’s a lot one could do in textual analysis. I feel the best answer to your question depends on what kind of data you’re working with, and what you ultimately hope to do.

But a good place to start would be Julia and David’s tidytext book, Text Mining with R, a Tidy Approach.

Thank you sure I will read it, but I have a quick question, is it possible to write a code that takes specific info from a pdf file (such as name, ID number, the deal accepted or not, and the date) and transfers it to a website?!
Thanks again.

Your question is not specific enough for anyone to answer.
It's certainly possible to extract text from a PDF and then make all sorts of changes to that text to transform it into the format you want.

Uploading that to a website - well it very much depends what you mean by that. There are all sorts of ways of putting text online. What is your desired way of doing this? It sounds like it's a very general IT question that is probably not really to do with R.

Please find out what you can about the work you are attempting. Make an attempt at doing it. The if you have specific problems or errors, you can ask about them here. It's always best to do something and then show what you've done before asking for help. Ideally you make a reproducible example.

alright I got you. I will research well before asking my specific question.
Thanks for clarifying

This may help:

hello, this reply may be coming late but i think it will still be helpful to you. check out this post on text mining text mining with R

No problem at all, sure that going to help me. Thank you

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