Analyzing data with multiple subgroups

Hi everyone! I was wondering if you have any insights for analyzing data that looks something like below, with R:

The influence of eating carrots in (mornings vs afternoons vs evenings) on (healthy vs obese individuals) at four-time points (visit 1, visit 2, visit 3, visit 4).
To clarify, during each visit/time point (4 in total), data for (mornings vs afternoons vs evenings) was recorded for (healthy vs obese individuals).

I would appreciate any help/insight.

Thanks for posting! A couple things that would help us help you:

  • If you could provide a more specific example of what you are trying to do, that would be helpful. Are you looking for summary statistics, to answer a specific question, etc.?
  • Please provide a reproducible example of your data. You can use dput or tibble::tribble to create one easily.

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