Announcing Birds of a Feather groups


Just over 2 weeks to go for rstudio::conf! We’re trying something new this year by introducing Birds of a Feather groups, where R users with similar interests may want to share ideas or just get to know each other better. To that end we’ve formed 6 separate groups, although it might make sense for some to subscribe to more than one group.

If you want to be included in communications and events related to your group contact the group leader via the conference app. Make sure to hunt them down for a group sticker, and the time and secret lair for your group’s happy hour!

Pharma and Life Sciences hosted by Phil Bowsher
Insurance hosted by Hadrien Dykiel
Finance hosted by Jonathan Regenstein
R Ladies hosted by Mara Averick
Training/Consulting Partners hosted by Dave Hurst
Community hosted by Curtis Kephart

Note: You can connect with all conference participants via the conference app. Start by downloading the app ( connecting with your BoF host! at rstudio::conf - Birds of a Feather Group
Rstudio::conf 2018 Welcome Letter

What's the content/topics for the Community group?


I think it's about this site, specifically, not community in general.


As Hadley says, it’s about the site. Meet in person some of the folks you’ve seen online for months.
I have a tibble of the intersection of active community members and RStudio::conf attendees I am about to message with an invitation.


Can we add more groups? I’d really like one for government/official/survey statistics


I think that might be a really good use of the Community BoF! We narrowed down the groups based on our ability to find hosts/leaders for them, but if you wanted to form an ad-hoc sub-group it would be a great idea, and you can use the Community BoF room for any physical gatherings you want to organize (I'm speaking for Curtis, but am sure he's supportive of that idea).

I'd love it if ideas for better ways to form BoF groups for 2019 came out of the Community BoF.


What would be the best way to get the word out for ad-hoc groups? I know I wouldn't mind leading or attending a manufacturing group; I am in aerospace, but I can call it manufacturing for a day :unamused:.


Ahoy @MattL

I think the community BoF meetup would be a good time for ad-hoc groups to meet up. I invited you to a group called RStudioConf2018 with more details. I'd make the announcement there.


@MattL, we're working on some ideas around the new "BOF Chat" channel in the conference app. I believe @EconomiCurtis will hold an open session at 8:00-9:00 AM on Friday to collaborate on a room/meeting schedule for ad hoc groups.


We've added "Unconf - Govt" which you can use as a community message board during the conference


We've added "Unconf - Manufacturing" which you can use as a community message board during the conference


The conference app now has a "BOF CHAT" stream with categories for each BoF. We're creating new ones on request with "Unconf" prefix. The CHAT is like a message board, so you don't need a membership, but you also won't get notifications. You can just use that stream to look for announcements or activity.

Unconferences can message, but don't have a dedicated room. Curtis will have a session from 8AM-9AM on Friday in the Community room to create signups for meeting slots should anyone like to take advantage of a physical meeting space.


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