Any idea what this error means? Any way to resolve it?

This morning I started receiving a bizarre error in my windows development version of shiny:

Listening on
Error in .Call("_later_execCallbacks", PACKAGE = "later", timeoutSecs, :
Incorrect number of arguments (2), expecting 1 for '_later_execCallbacks'

This is happening to the local version of my shiny app. I updated packages this morning, but it's not clear to me what is happening.

Would appreciate any suggestions for a solution.

I was not able to figure out what this error meant, but I was able to resolve it by:

  1. uninstalling later, modelr, V8 and shiny
    2 . reinstalling all of these packages.

This was a major pain, mostly because this error message popped up after a year of development. Hey, developers, could you make your error messages less cryptic?

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