Anyone using OpenAPI Generator to generate R packages?

I've been playing around with OpenAPI Generator to generate R API clients?

brew install openapi-generator
openapi-generator generate -g r -i -o ~/R/petstore

Surprisingly it comes with auto-generated documentations (readme, code example, etc)

Anyone used this approach before instead of manually writing the API clients in R? Any caveats using the auto-generated R package?

Companies such as NamSor provide the auto-generated R packages to their developers for easier integration.

This is not to say the auto-generated R package is perfect. Please feel free to let us know your feedback by opening an issue/ticket.

I hope you will find OpenAPI Generator useful in your projects/works.

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Glad to see some companies are already using it.

Thanks for the great work on OpenAPI Generator. Will open a ticket if I've any question or feedback.

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