App architecture (multiple files) and


The current shiny default architecture is either a single file ("app.R") or two ("ui.R" and "server.R" files).
This is confusing personally, since I'm beginning a relatively large project and am expecting having all my code in just two files to become unmanageable.

I know I can run apps locally with any kind of structure I wish but am wondering if, by changing this default layout (to a more traditional Model-view-controller pattern for instance) I'll have issues publishing to

I apologize if this question is fairly obvious or has been answered before but I'm new to the shinny framework

Thank you

hi @frmachadoecosta, you are right that either a single app file or ui/server files need to be available. However, in these files you can import other R files (e.g. source("my-model.R")).
Furthermore you can use modules to restructure your code. I think these constructions give you quite some flexibility in structuring your application code.

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