App runs in HTML viewer, frequently disconnects when deployed though

Hi all -

I'm new to this, and I'm hoping you can help. I have a Shiny app, with a map pane that uses Leaflet to allow the user to select a year and indicator to map data on a Shapefile. The map pane works fine in the HTML viewer, but is slow and 9/10 disconnects from the server (I imagine it times out) when deployed.

I have tried to use isolate() and actionButtons(), but this didn't help.

My repo:
(app is in navbarApp folder)

Deployed app:

The data itself is large. I use the filter feature in the reactive to filter for only the year needed and then select only the variable needed. This worked fine when the only input option was year. Might is be causing the issue, now that it also facilitates the indicator input? Should I do this in two reactive statements?


What is in your application's logs?

See the documentation regarding disconnect from server messages.

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Thanks for your response! I checked the documentation last night, and none of those issues seem to apply.

The only statement that seems out of place in my logs is:
2018-11-27T14:51:47.084990+00:00 shinyapps[system]: Out of memory!

Running out of memory would be a reason for the disconnect message.

So what is causing it to run out of memory? It's a single (albeit) large shapefile and accompanying files plus a filtered data set. Is there an obvious workaround?

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