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paid / Dayton, OH; HQ- Woburn, MA; Hybrid (Remote & Onsite); Orlando, FL; Remote; Washington, D.C / full-time

Data analysts (including this position) work mostly in R at Aptima.

Data scientists work mostly in Python, especially if their kit will go into production.

This role is likely to be doing analysis to support development of learning management system solutions, or research associated with similar. It is one of Aptima's major lines of effort, the others being performance assessment, and job aid development.

Our shop is mainly comprised of equal parts social scientists (I/O psych, cog sci) and engineers (front-end, data engineer, server, etc.), with a sprinkle of other technical and support roles. Climate is very academic, closer to the feeling of a university or government laboratory rather than a corporate interest.

Who We Are
For more than 25 years, Aptima's mission has been to improve and optimize performance in mission-critical, technology-intensive environments. We apply deep expertise in how humans think, learn, and perform to today's challenges. Whether for fighter pilots functioning in the cockpit, medical staff in the ICU, or teams collaborating across distributed networks, our solutions:

Ensure synergy between humans, the technologies they use, and the organizations within which they operate
Enhance productivity through human-AI teaming, unobtrusive measurement, data analytics, and intelligent interfaces
Accelerate learning, training, and readiness with precision learning that is customized, personalized, and efficient

What Makes Us Unique
Our culture is rooted on three principles that our founders planted, and our employees have embraced ever since— innovation, impact, and empathy. At our core, Aptima researches, develops, and innovates within an area that engineering firms largely ignore, the Human component. In order to impact the world in meaningful ways, you must bring those innovations to light, and that is precisely what we do.

Entrepreneurial and creative energy run through our veins. When our team chooses to continue their education or professionally publish their work, we cheer then on. Teamwork, collaboration, and a relentless focus on our customers are central tenants of our culture. Work hard. Take care of each other. Lead by example. Accept others for who they are.

So, while the world knows us as a company that is moving humans, technology, and AI forward, we believe we are something more.

How You’ll Make an Impact
Aptima’s is a human-centered engineering company, striving to improve human performance in a variety of ways, one of which is adaptive learning. The one-size-fits-all learning is ineffective and inefficient, and the pace of change in today’s world requires employees to quickly gain proficiency and competencies to successfully adapt to changing environments and tasks. Aptima’s approach to adaptive learning centers on making better and faster learning experiences, engaged learners, and informed leaders by delivering training tailored to the learner at the right time on the right training platform throughout the employee life cycle. This requires a sophisticated approach to multimodal assessment (item response, observer ratings, system-based, physiological, neurological), big data analysis (longitudinal, machine learning, computational psychometrics), and content characterization (i.e., mapping learning content to competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities).

You will collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to develop solutions and tools for assessing learner states and personalizing learning across different learning environments. This collaboration includes working with software engineers within an agile development environment to implement, test, and apply mathematical algorithms from research, as well as research psychologists and scientists in experimental design and validation exercises.

You should have a strong understanding of theory related to how adults learn, but also have strong computational skills such that advanced data analytics can be conducted on learning and training data. You will apply data analytic techniques to understand growth and development over time at the individual, team, and organizational level. You’ll communicate your research methods and findings with both Aptima’s customers and internal teams.

You’ll Need
Prior experience with:

  • Processes, tools, and techniques necessary to apply learning analytics across a variety of datasets and problem spaces
  • Item Response Theory, computational psychometrics, Reinforcement learning algorithms, or related techniques
  • Educational data sources (e.g. learning management systems) and the development, validation, and use of multi-modal learner assessments
  • Relevant software and tools (i.e. R, Tableau, Gephi, etc.) in support of learning analytics and personalized learning solutions and technology
  • Analytic processes and computational techniques (e.g. data visualization, text mining, machine learning, network analysis) within the context of learning platforms and tools
  • Leading multidisciplinary project teams preferred not required
  • Writing proposals preferred not required
  • DoD/Military experience preferred not required

Solid understanding of:

  • Learning analytics as a discipline (e.g. history, concepts, theories, methodologies, stakeholders, legal, and ethical issues) and application to educational solutions and technologies

Minimum Requirements

  • U.S. Citizenship and the ability to obtain a U.S. Security Clearance
  • Master’s Degree in Learning Analytics, Educational Psychology, or other relevant field
  • 2+ years of relevant experience

Working Conditions (ADA accommodations may be sought)
Up to 20% travel expected

All applicants selected will be subject to a background investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Aptima, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to non-discrimination in employment. We select the most qualified individual for the job based on job-related qualifications regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, marital status, credit history, sexual orientation, arrest and court record, genetic information, veteran status or any other status protected by federal, state or other applicable laws.

Aptima, Inc. participates in the US Government E-Verify Program. For more information, click on Home.


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