Are a user's RStudio Server Pro Sessions "independent"?

In RStudio Server Pro I can have multiple sessions open at the same time which is great but it seems like these sessions are not independent. If one session is busy then all my other sessions are hung up as well. For example if I run a long database query in one session I'm not able to continue working in that or any other session until the database query returns. Is there any way around this?


This looks strange.
We use also RStudio Server Pro, and when you open multiple sessions, they are each one with independant R process.
Now, they all share the same ressources on the machine, so there could be some slow down if the computation is intensive (ex. one process launch a code on all the core), but if you environment are correctly sized, this should not be the case. :thinking:

How are you opening the new session ?
You can go to <yourserveradresse>/home to get a peek at all you opened sessions and there status (idle, suspended, running, ...)

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