Are extra commas allowed in js files?

So right now I am looking for things that could explain cybersecurity bugs in the Rstudio source code when I noticed on of the JS code files uses trailing commas. I am not sure if its allow in Javascript, so I wanted to double check. It feels like it could be like the like leading comma in SQL, but I wanted to be sure as null parameters can really mess with compilation in python.


Are you saying you see extra commas in src/node/desktop/.eslintrc.js ? Can you point to a specific line? From a quick look, it seems to me like this file follows pretty standard json formatting.

Thank you for your reply. It was line 35 here that changed between Rstudio's versions:

I was looking for anything that might trigger a false positive quarantine for anti-virus--meaning any syntax oddity. I wanted to be sure that was a syntax error before making any claims.. as looking for issues is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I believe though you answered my question, and this was not an issue. So thanks for the clarification and this will help me find my needle.

Trailing commas are very useful in Javascript.

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