Are MacOS binaries on the roadmap for RSPM?

Is building/serving MacOS binaries on the roadmap for the public RSPM repository?

I'm trying to push for widespread adoption of renv in my MacOS-based team. A current hurdle is the long build times required for the various different versions in use across projects. Getting access to pre-built MacOS binaries that I could use to speed the renv::restore() process would be a big boon!

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CRAN has a list of the currently available M1-workable contrib packages, which doesn't include rpsm, which is being sailed single-handedly by Daniell Toth, whose contact information is given in the link.

Tomas Kalibera, Simon Urbanek review the technical issues associated with M1. Traditionally Simon has pushed out binaries of contributed packages 7-10 days after source release. I imagine that the new system has slowed things down.

If I were trying to roll out in an M1 environment, I'd set up a CRAN mirror to do all the required binary work on packages in the library used and have the team pull from that. Not trivial.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I fat fingered the acronym. I'm referring to the RStudio Package Manager (RSPM) rather than the RPSM package. Sorry for the confusion!

I'm still hoping to get a response from the RStudio team on whether MacOS (specifically, Intel-based) binaries may be forthcoming in a future update of the public repository. Build times are the biggest hurdle for renv adoption for my team.