Are vignettes necessary? Or is it fine just to have the same info on the github README?


I wondering if it is worthwhile me converting my github README information on my package to a vignette? Or whether people people prefer to access this information directly from github?


You might find the discussion at Vignette standards · Issue #55 · ropensci/software-review-meta · GitHub relevant.

Note that when converting README info for a vignette you can re-use Rmd fragments.

Personally, for both vignette or README, I prefer to access information on pkgdown websites. :smile_cat:

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Without any hard data on this we can only speculate. Personally I feel that few people look at vignettes included in the package, and more people use READMEs and pkgdown sites.

An alternative to the vignette is to include the README in the package's manual page, which is also relatively straightforward with roxygen2: callr/callr-package.R at 7896f1742e64a76eac7a7c9f4c9afa3c12f2d4cc · r-lib/callr · GitHub


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