argument "v" is missing, with no default

Hello guys!

I am currently working on a meta-analysis of proportions. All the codes worked [poling effect sizes, removing outliers, foresplot, etc].

There is just one single thing that does not work and is the funnel plot code. Every time I try to run the code:
funnel(pes.logit, yaxis="sei"),

I get this error message: Error in funnel(pes.logit, yaxis = "sei") : unused argument (yaxis = "sei")

I’ve been trying to use multiple variations of the code but still did not work. Have y'all had to deal with this error before? How can you fix it?

Any help is really appreciated,


I have never used this function, so I my suggestions might not be very helpful.
I see from the documentation that there are two version of the function. The one for rma objects takes the argument yaxis = "sei" but the default version does not have a yaxis argument but it does have an argument named vi. If your object pes.logit does not have the class rma, or whatever class is needed for that version of the function, it could cause the listed error. What do you get when you run


Thanks for answering.
Here the output:

[1] "rma.uni" "rma"

Maybe the funnel function from the metafor package is being masked by something else. What happens when you run


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