'arguments passed onto methods'


I'm looking for information on the arguments of the ggplotly function. I've tried '?ggplotly', and this shows the first few arguments, but then says 'arguments passed onto methods'. What does this mean, and where can I find a full list of arguments?


someone please correct me if I'm wrong but from my interpretation of the source code :

debugging in: ggplotly.ggplot(ggiris, ... = "myparam")
debug: {
    l <- gg2list(p, width = width, height = height, tooltip = tooltip, 
        dynamicTicks = dynamicTicks, layerData = layerData, originalData = originalData, 
        source = source, ...)

implies that the dots would be passed into gg2list.
the documentation of which -- ?gg2list implies that the dots are discarded.

...	currently not used

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