ARIMA for forecasting independent variables


I am working on time series forecasting model using fable to predict sales. Before predicting sales, I need to get forecast on multiple independent variables at once where each variable has values stopping at different month/year. I have created a reprex to show a small sample of what it looks like. In the below example, I would like to use ARIMA on each of the variables A, B, C, D to get their forecast values until 2020-12-01.

df <- data.frame(
           date = c("2020-01-01","2020-02-01",
          sales = c(2061292,2087140,2136628,449335,
              A = c(5067331.423,4856897.658,4175123.217,
           B = c(153, 146, 115, 108, 133, 150, 153, 152, NA, NA, NA, NA),
              C = c(58.247345,50.548263,30.994029,
              D = c(609026,595426.8,598968.2,544902.2,

If I was forecasting values for just one independent variable, example A in this case, I could use the ARIMA as follows:


A_fc <- df%>%
  mutate(month = yearmonth(date)) %>%
  as_tsibble(index=month) %>%
  model(model = ARIMA(A) %>%

Instead of doing this for each variable A, B, C, D separately and then combining the data together, is there a better way or tidyverse way to perform this task for all the variables and get a new data frame with all the forecast values for all variables except for sales which we will predict afterwards.

Thanks for your help!

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