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In the following example, auto ARIMA() picks ARIMA(1,0,3) w/ mean as the best the model. Is it possible to extract the other models that it considered, say, top 5?

# library
# Auto ARIMA
us_change %>%
  model(ARIMA(Consumption ~ PDQ(0,0,0)))
#> # A mable: 1 x 1
#>   `ARIMA(Consumption ~ PDQ(0, 0, 0))`
#>                               <model>
#> 1              <ARIMA(1,0,3) w/ mean>

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It comes with the fpp3 package. See, for example,

Without bringing the object into the workspace it is not available to the code provided. forecast should also be explicitly loaded.

Reply to @technocrat: No, the forecast package is not required. @budugulo is using the fpp3 package which loads all the packages needed to reproduce the code shown.

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Reply to original question from @budugulo: No, the current implementation of ARIMA does not return any information about the range of other models tried. The forecast::auto.arima function did allow that option but we removed it in fable.

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Thanks for the info @robjhyndman!

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