Arrows to navigate columns not working RStudio

I am working with a big dataset of over 500 variables (columns) and have been having some trouble navigating between the columns. The arrows (<< < > >>) that one uses to go back and forth between the columns randomly stopped working for me in my RStudio around 8-10 hours ago and haven't worked since. Things I have tried:

  • Reinstalling RStudio
  • Restarting my computer
  • Updating MacOS to the latest
  • Updating packages on R
  • Leaving it alone for a few hours

Any help would be appreciated. For reference I use an M2 Macbook Air with MacOS Ventura 13.4 on it.

This seems to be the same issue reported here.

I am also have this issue with them most recent version of RStudio 2023.06.0+421

I am joining this thread because I am having the same issue. The arrows were working fine until I downloaded RStudio 2023.06.0+421. I am working on a MacBook Pro using OS Monterey 12.6 and R 4.2.0. Like @jahnavi I closed everything and restarted RStudio, reinstalled RStudio, and ensured everything was updated.
If it's helpful for anyone on this post, the link shared above has this workaround:
rstudioapi::writeRStudioPreference("data_viewer_max_columns", 1000L)
A word of caution around it: Make sure that the value is no larger than the number of columns. If you do, then the >> will become clickable, and clicking on it could cause the application to freeze.
Hopefully this issue gets fixed, it's incredibly annoying.

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