As i try to knit in rmarkdown in desktop version it returns this message

processing file: YouTube-streamer-analysis.Rmd
|.. | 5% [unnamed-chunk-1]
Quitting from lines 12-20 [unnamed-chunk-1] (YouTube-streamer-analysis.Rmd)

Error in contrib.url():
! trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror

  1. utils::install.packages("tidyverse")
  2. utils::contrib.url(repos, "source")
    Execution halted

my code chunks between line 12-20


Aside from the error message, you should definitely not install packages every time you knit an Rmarkdown document. If I were you I would install the packages first, and take out the the install.packages() lines.

From the error message it seems there is an issue with installing tidyverse. Do you have a mirror set up for CRAN? Because it says you do not. That is basically the source R will try to get the package(s) from. This is the list of mirrors: CRAN - Mirrors. It's good practice to pick one closest to you. In RStudio, go to Tools -> Global Options -> Packages -> pick a repository (mirror)

I have visited attached link :link: mentioned above and while installing of package i have been suggested by user to add another argument in install.packages("tidyverse", repos="") and now i am able to knit it . Suggest me wheather i am doing it right or else i have to do something else.

In the tools>global option>packages> primary repository by default selected to Global what else i need to change in order to work with my desktop version smoothly

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