Assessing rmcorr asumptions: Error in shapiro.test(res) : all 'x' values are identical

Hi guys,
I'am using rmcorr package to make some repeated measures correlations based on a code that a colleague of mine built. code for making the correlation matrix:

for(i in 24:46){#colunas com citocinas
for(n in 1:23){#colunas com OTUs ASVs etc
r=rmcorr(longitudinal_data_f$sampleID,longitudinal_data_f[,i],longitudinal_data_f[,n],dataset = longitudinal_data_f)
Matriz_corr[i-23,n]=r$r#Mudar número para a primeira coluna das citocinas menos 1.
Pvalues[i-23,n]=r$p#Mudar número para a primeira coluna das citocinas menos 1.


Today while assessing the normality of the residuals of the models with the following code:
for(i in 24:46){
for(n in 1:23){
r=rmcorr(longitudinal_data_f$sampleID,longitudinal_data_f[,i],longitudinal_data_f[,n],dataset = longitudinal_data_f)
I was surprised with the following error: Error in shapiro.test(res) : all 'x' values are identical. (and in fact all the residuals of the correlation where it occurred were all zeroes)
I am still learning how to code in R, can anyone help me to modify the code in order to be able to:

  1. remove all the correlations with none residuals variance
  2. to overcome cases like this one and continue testing for the remaining correlations.

thank you in advance, best

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