Assigments in a project

Hi, I am trying to use Rstudio clouds with my students.

I have read on the web the possibility of the assignments, but I don't find where this option can be activated or created.

I design a new project, I can share, but when I share to my students the project, but I can not convert the project in an assignment.

Where is this possibility?

Thanks for all in advance

Hi @amorabonilla,

In order for a project to be an assignment, it must be in a space. Are you using a space for your projects? If you are, you can find the option in the project's Access tab:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Click the Project Settings button (the gear icon in the upper right)
  3. Click the Access panel
  4. Under "Who can view this project", make sure the "Everyone in ..." option is selected
  5. Check the "Make this project an assignment" checkbox

More information about this feature (including a screenshot for these steps) can be found at

Hope that helps!

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Hi, I have done these steps. I upload a picture of the options. I have not the "make this project ...." option.

I don't know the reason.

Have you created a new space for that project?
If your project is in a space then you will see this option.

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Hi, I understand now. The problem was that I have the project in my workspace not in a new space. Then, the problem is the number of students I can have with an assignment. Well, I understand that it is the free version.

Sorry for my doubts, and I'd like to make it clear that I think Rstudio Cloud is great.

I will continue exploring the possibilities.

Thank you very much for all

I think you can contact rstudio people and apply for an extension on the limit

Thanks, I will try it. I have read in the community forums that it is possible.

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