Assignment opens as a temporary project

May just be me but I have a Project that I have made to be an assignment in RStudio Cloud that doesn't seem to behave properly for my students. It is opening, for them, as a temporary project, with any changes they make to it then being overwritten (with the original) every time they reopen it. Any advice appreciated.
PS Other than this, I have found it to be excellent for teaching


The project looks like it is setup properly right now to trigger the assignment behavior. So I'm assuming that the users who are reporting this are seeing the project with the "Start" icon next to the project name,

And the project is tagged as an assignment on your end,

I verified the behavior and it does seem to be working on my end. So when I click on on the project as a contributor in the space I get my own copy of "Main Project" (instead of the temporary copy interface above) and every-time I click on it subsequently I end up accessing my version of the assignment.

Are all of your students reporting this issue?


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Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

I set myself up as a student and I get the same problem as they do - when I open the project (the assignment) it opens as Temporary Project.

But I note what you said about "So when I click on on the project as a contributor ...".

Is it that they and I are not opening the project as a contributor but as a viewer? Is there something else that they or I need to do to allow them to open it as contributor?

Sorry for all the questions! Best wishes, Rich

Hi Rich,

Not a problem. So users with the viewer role can only open projects (including assignments) as temporary copies - they are not allowed to create their own copies of projects in a space. A more typical role for a student is contributor. There's a better description of the different space roles (and how to change them through the space members tab) in the user guide,



Great, many thanks. And, again, really appreciate your time. V best, Rich

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