Attaching to rserver from outside



I'm attempting to connect Tableau to the rserver that is part of RStudio, but it appears to be bound to localhost. Note: I'm not trying to connect to RStudio-server, I'm trying to connect to rserver.

It's running on port 6311 just fine, and I can telnet onto it from the server that it's running on, but can't telnet onto it from anywhere else. I tried disabling the firewall to no avail.

This is on Centos 7 running the latest RStudio release.


Hi @Mythobeast! Welcome!

Can you clarify your setup a bit? Are you using Rserve?

RStudio (the product) is an IDE for R (the language/environment) — see: Differentiating R from RStudio


Yes. One of our data scientists installed RServe via the RStudio command line, and started it up from there. Do let me know if there's a better approach. I can't find the configuration files for changing the bind-to address.


Actually, now that I know it's a separate product, I see that I'm supposed to include 'remote enable' in the config file. Now if i can just find the config file.


Yeah, I suspect your colleague installed and started Rserve via the command line interface to R, not the RStudio IDE (though RStudio does include terminal access as a convenience, so the distinction can get muddy...). Either way, you are correct that Rserve doesn't really have anything to do with the RStudio IDE. R people's passion for including "r" in the name of everything can get confusing! :grin: