Authenticating Gmail from gmailr package

In my shiny app, I am using the gmailr function to authenticate my gmail account. On my local machine this works great. When I deployed my app it didn't work.

The expected result after running the following function is a popup asking me to choose which gmail account to authenticate. When I ran the app, instead of a pop-up, it showed the url to copy and paste in the logs instead of the pop-up appearing.

This is the following code in the app:


Has anyone tried using this package in

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I think you probably have to upload the .httr-oauth file created locally to the server. It's also possible you'll have to set the httr_oob_default parameter. I'd recommend this article to generally get a better feeling for the topic:

And this QA might be helpful for you specifically on

I think that your first two lines are conflicting -- in that the first says you want to cache your token and the second clears it. I'd suggest deleting the gmailr::clear_token() line, assuming you're ok with cacheing your token.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I am still struggling unfortunately.

I changed my code to look like this:


Then when this runs, it prompts me to copy and paste this token to my r-console.

4/GQF@JjszXNfafdjklafjdsalkfaeffaefklj (not real token)

Then when I copy and paste it into the rconsole, nothing happens after I paste it.

I also tried taking this token and copying and pasting it to the .httr-oath file and still no luck.

It would be really helpful if you can provide a simple sample code on how this could be done if you have experience with this. Appreciate the help so far!

Hi @nickknauer1,

If you do this right, it shouldn't ask for authentication on the server because the .httr-oauth token is there already.

I'd recommend creating it locally and then copying it up when you go to (option 3 here).

These are the steps:

  1. Run options(httr_oob_default = TRUE, httr_oauth_cache=TRUE) (maybe not necessary) on your local machine.
  2. Run gmailr::gmail_auth() on your local machine and follow the steps.
  3. Check that it worked correctly by running gmailr::gmail_auth(). If you hit enter and nothing happens, it's worked correctly.
  4. Find the file titled .httr-oauth (probably in the base directory of the project) and copy that with your project up to

Hope that's helpful!

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for the help!

This now works. Appreciate it.



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Hi @nickknauer1,

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