Auto refresh the Shiny APP when error occurs

I've built an app using the shinydashboard package that queries a database. The user selects the sql criteria to use (eg. age range, gender etc) and clicks a submit button. The returned table is then displayed along with some charts from the data. Sometimes when there is a connection error the app grays out and you have to reload the dashboard, select the filters again and re-submit.

To improve user experience, is there a way for the app/dashboard to automatically refresh on error so that it is usable and the query can be resubmitted by the user.


To programmatically restart the session, you can add


to the error condition of a tryCatch that wraps your sql query function. However, that will just restart the app and not requery - to do that you would need to build some backend tracking of the user and store session data which is possible but possibly overkill in your case. I would suggest instead of a reload, incorporate the tryCatch with the error condition being a


stating to the user that there was an unexpected error and to resubmit

Thank you. Yes I didn't need to keep the user inputs only to refresh on error.

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